6 Rules for Tea Storage

6 Rules for Tea Storage


This December, The Tea Republic marks 6 years of providing tea lovers with premium tea blends.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers and business associates for being a part of our journey so far and may your 2017 be a successful one, enriched with many good cups of tea !


1. Tea must be kept free from oxygen
Tea leaves continue to oxidize over time with exposure to oxygen. Even when stored in an airtight vessel, some ambient air remains in between the tea leaves and in between the leaves and the top of the vessel (airtight does not mean air-free).

2. Tea must be kept free from heat
Heat speeds up oxidation. Some delicate teas are best stored in the freezer or refrigerator, as this dramatically slows the oxidation reactions. Before you put the packages in the freezer, squeeze as much air out as possible as any remaining air will condense and cause moisture to develop on the leaf surface, however this will be minimal. The most important thing to remember when using cold storage for teas is that when you remove a packet from the freezer or refrigerator, do not open it until it has reached room temperature, to avoid condensation damage to the leaves.

3.Tea must be kept away from light
Is is believed that exposure to light causes photodegradation, which is a blanket term for any light-induced reaction that degrades the quality of tea.

4.Tea must be kept away from strong odours
Tea leaves will absorb scent of their surroundings. This is beneficial in the production of scented teas such as jasmine where the leaves are stored in close proximity with jasmine blossoms resulting in a jasmine scented tea. However, this same quality of tea can be detrimental should your tea leaves come in contact with unpleasant odours.

5.Tea must be kept away from moisture
It’s no secret that tea leaves release their flavor when exposed to moisture. Tea is hygroscopic, and will absorb moisture from the air. An airtight storage container is really all you need to block out moisture.

6.Tea is best when stored in bulk
A near empty airtight vessel with a tiny bit of tea in the bottom will deteriorate faster than an airtight vessel completely full of tea. To keep your tea the freshest, fill your storage vessel as much as possible, shake it to let the tea settle, then fill it some more. The more tea in an enclosed space, the less oxygen in that space, and the more tea you have in a space in relation to anything else in that space, it’s more likely that the tea will not absorb the smell of the surroundings.


Source : https://www.worldoftea.org/how-to-store-tea/

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