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We offer you a carefully curated selection of fine tea blends created with tea leaves, fruits, herbs and spices sourced from around the world. Customise your own tea gifts and packaging for all occasions. Let us assist you with creating bespoke tea gifts for your clients, customers, friends and loved ones.

Celebrate the citeazen within.

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TTR X Hello Kitty

The Tea Republic celebrates its 10th year anniversary by embarking on a collaborative journey with Japan’s famous fictional character Hello Kitty. The Tea Republic and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty embraced Kitty White’s British traditions, to create The Summer Berry Trio : an elegant limited edition collection of berrylicious teas for everyday indulgence.

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Bespoke Tea Gifts

Our tea offerings can be customised for :
– Hotels, Cafes & Restaurants
– Wedding Favors & Party Favors
– Door Gifts
– Corporate Gifts

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We have provided tea leaves and bespoke gifts for :

if “a cup of #tea is the answer to every problem” then a cup of #hellokittytea is the magic we’ve been seeking!


Customer Review @ Instagram

希望 @the_tea_republic 的”The Summer Berry Trio”满足到我的贵宾们🍇☕️招待不周请见谅😂😆


Customer Review @ Instagram

Strawberry Cupcake Tea tu pun ain sgt suka. ..Rasa yg sgt sedap, even xperlu add in any sweetener pun. And! aroma pun sgt2 harum. Minum panas sedap, sejuk pun sedap.


Customer Review @ Instagram

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