Our Story

Our Story

Celebrate the citeazen within. That’s what The Tea Republic [ttr] is all about.

ttr‘s definition of a citeazen : anyone who drinks tea.
At ttr, we are not tea connoisseurs. Black, green, oolong, red or white, we simply love tea, drink lots of it and want to share this joy with you.

It all started with an idea to have a space for chilling out and relaxing; a little getaway.  This combined with a love for tea resulted in the creation of a platform to share a fraction of the extensive variety of teas available from the tea plantations and tea houses worldwide.

This platform which was going to be sharing tea blends from around the globe inspired its name: The Tea Republic. The tagline celebrate the citeazen within was generated from the basis that each and every one of us have a tea blend out there that we can enjoy. If you haven’t found it yet, then you have to keep trying more blends.

The Tea Republic was founded in Kuala Lumpur in September 2010, serving teas in a western format as opposed to the ceremonious methods which are popular in Asian cultures ; Japan, China and Taiwan to name a few.

In December 2010, The Tea Republic started serving just over 30 types of tea from a little cosy corner in an upscale neighbourhood mall, Bangsar Shopping Centre. Since then, the number of teas offered at the tea lounge grew until it was just over 50 blends. These teas were sourced from established tea labels and merchants globally.

After gaining some insight into the Malaysian palette for teas, The Tea Republic launched its very own range of signature tea blends in July 2013. To date, our 28 signature tea blends have their ingredients sourced mainly from Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Germany, Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, South Africa and Korea.

The Tea Republic’s online store was launched in September 2013 allowing all citeazens worldwide to have easy access to our signature tea blends. The business currently focuses on providing bespoke tea offerings and tailored experiences for the business-to-business sector whilst maintaining business-to-customer offerings via our online store.


Signing off,
Sumita J.Singam-Takács
The Tea Republic


















10th Jan 2013 – The Tea Republic’s founder, Sumita J.Singam-Takács, talks tea with Vanessa Chong on Bella, NTV7



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