What did they say? – 2011
What did they say? – 2011

What did they say? – 2011

2 Dec 2011

A Wandering Foodie

Admit it, though you love everybody, sometimes you just wish for a quiet time alone with nobody. Me, that covers tucking in at a nice, cozy shop with great accompanying tit bits. Which brought me all the way to The Tea Republic @ 2nd floor in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

 And no, you don’t necessarily need to talk all the time over tea. Sorry, I guess I went against the message above but anyway “ttr [the tea republic] is all about celebrating the citeazen within”. Let’s celebrate the tea – me ~ =D

 I’ve a thing for flowery tea that blooms, so I selected Red Flower ~ of black tea, mint, amaranth and jasmine.That floating glob is my not – yet – flowering tea leaves. (RM 16+) Kinda remind me of the Jasmine Fairy green tea at Senjyu (The Curve).

 And when it flowers, the sweet aroma of herb and jasmine fills in your senses, and the taste of mint tickles your tongue cold (I’m not joking, you can feel the tip of your tongue turning cold like the tooth past effect but nowhere near the taste). And for a change, a unique looking scone dusted with icing sugar with melted butter and raspberry jam. The butter was so rich that I poured all of it and polished off the scone with the whole small pot of jam. (RM 6.50)

 I cannot resist getting those triangular box tea, they are having a promotion. 1 box = RM 10, but 4 boxes = RM 28 +. My math has gone crazy ~ And the sugar sticks (RM 1.95 each) – a very cute concept where you have this crystallized sugar on stick to stir your tea sweet =D

By the way, no coffee allowed !!!  Bwahaha damn corny ~ =D


29 Sep 2011

TimeOut Kuala Lumpur



4 Aug 2011



“You missed one of the most important tea shops in Kuala Lumpur — The Tea Republic.”


1 Aug 2011

Octane Magazine

Aug_Octane 1 Aug_Octane 2 Aug_Octane 3


19 Jul 2011



It was my first time having milk tea with cinnamon.. might sound weird to you but i can assure it’s delicious as long as you love cinnamon! definitely a must-try.”


12 Jun 2011




1 Jun 2011

The Malaysian Women’s Weekly

W_MWW_June 2011_1 of 2 W_MWW_June 2011_2 of 2B


25 May 2011




10 May 2011

Lots of Cravings


” Carrying different teas from all over the world, it is quite fascinating and educational at the same time. ..
… it is a paradise for those who appreciate tea. ”


1 Apr 2011

Her World

Her World_April 2011_4 of 4 Her World_April 2011_3 of 4 Her World_April 2011_2 of 4 Her World_April 2011_1 of 4


21 Mar 2011

Junipers Journal


With so many choices available, you’d be hard put not to find a tea to your liking, even if you are more fond of coffees than teas. Tea addicts will be jumping for joy at the numerous choices, which are described in some detail on the menu, including country of origin as well as brewing times. It’s all very educational too as you get to know the different blends.”


2 Mar 2011

Qistina Qaseh Empire



25 Feb 2011

The Sun Daily

The Sun_25 Feb 2011_1 of 1


19 Feb 2011

The Star

Star_19 Feb 2011_1 of 1


5 Feb 2011

New Straits Times

NST_5 Feb 2011_1 of 2 NST_5 Feb 2011_2 of 2


27 Jan 2011

Cik Yana



27 Jan 2011

August Diners


Ms Jazz’s face lightened up like a 3 yr old given a lolly as she watched the tightly wrapped tea leaves slowly evolved into a pretty dainty flower after being soaked in the hot water for a bit, floating effortlessly beneath the water.”

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