Tea Gifts Mom will L-O-V-E

Tea Gifts Mom will L-O-V-E

“Dear Mom, I love and appreciate you.”

If there is one perfect day to make your mother feel extraordinarily special, it has got to be Mother’s Day! She has been there with you since day one, and surely deserves to be showered with extra affection and happiness on this day, and of course some gifts too!

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mom.”

If you are looking to gift something different this year, a luxurious tea gift that is thoughtful and personalised will be a superb idea!

The Tea Republic’s tea blends are exquisitely elegant, and finding the perfect one for the Queen of your Heart can be quite a fun and exciting process! Which tea to pick? Should you consider the taste, ingredients, or benefits?


Here are our SIX top-picks  for all the supermoms out there based on what she needs most!



Inner Peace



Give your mother a blessing of relief from stress and anxiety with Inner Peace, a calming tea blend that is perfect for hectic mothers. This harmonious theine-free blend features chamomile, lavender and peppermint. It will help her get a more restful sleep at night too!



Green Garnet



Our Green Garnet tea blend highlights health; organic Korean green tea grown on the mineral-rich volcanic soil in Jeju Island, yielding an energising & refreshing infusion. This vegetal green tea is full of antioxidants that can help boost metabolism to fight weight gain.



Prosperitea Pagoda Blooming Tea



A blooming tea! A great way to let your mother enjoy her tea session. This elegant blooming tea is also another great way to enjoy the health benefits of green tea. Place a tea ball into freshly boiled water and watch as a beautiful globe amaranth flower rises upon a string of jasmine flowers that unfold from within high-grade green tea leaves.


“You’re  tea-rrific mom!”


Lavender Blue


Calming and pretty, it may just be the perfect tea blend to suit a beautiful woman like your mother. Lavender Blue is all about organic butterfly pea flowers  lending their natural blue pigmentation to this antioxidant-rich tea. Once brewed, the tea can also change colour when adding in juice from citrus fruits like lemon or lime.



Violet Valentina



Does your mother emanate sophistication? A cup of flavourful tea like Violet Valentina is perfect for her. The flavour of succulent blueberries makes this robust black tea a delightful one for afternoon tea.



Oriental Opal



Powder blue on the outside, sugar flowers & hearts inside; a visual treat! Se Chung oolong tea from China’s Fujian Province is enriched with fruity notes of fig and mango – you can literally see the fruit pieces! If your mother enjoys fruity notes in her tea, Oriental Opal may just be the perfect choice for her!


Want to see more options? Head on to ttr.com.my to view our full list of various tea blends!

Celebrate the citeazen within.

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