Top 3 Teas for Reunion Dinner this Chinese Lunar New Year

Top 3 Teas for Reunion Dinner this Chinese Lunar New Year

The Chinese Lunar New Year is a time for family, tradition and tea.

In Chinese culture, tea is more than just a drink—it’s a way of life. It’s what ties us together, and it’s the one thing that can bring us all together as one family.

This year, give your loved ones the gift of tea with a luxurious touch from The Tea Republic. Our gift sets include loose leaf tea in festive flavours like Majestic Mandarin and Prosperitea Pagoda, as well as Double Good Fortune.

Each tea blend can be paired with everything you need to make your own hot or cold brew at home—all in elegant presentation boxes that will look beautiful on any table this festive season.

The Tea Republic is pleased to bring you three perfect variations of teas for your reunion dinner this new year.

The-tea-republic-blooming-flower-tea-Double Good Fortune-02

1. Double Good Fortune

This floral blooming tea is a refreshing, comforting choice. Place a tea ball into freshly boiled water and watch as three chrysanthemum flowers unfold from within a spring harvest of Chinese white tea leaves, complemented with a sprinkle of osmanthus flower petals.

A treat for the eyes while waiting for the tea to bloom followed by a treat for the tastebuds once fully bloomed.

CNY 2022_Majestic Mandarin_ Tea Promo

2. Majestic Mandarin

This is a bold, intense tea infused with refreshing orange rind. It was created to honour the bringer of good luck and fortune : the mandarin orange and encapsulates the festive spirit of Chinese New Year. This tea is fragrant, aromatic, earthy and invigorating, and it makes a perfect addition to your reunion dinner table.

This velvety smooth Pu-erh tea is not to be missed. Grab this Limited Edition tea today!


3. Safari Sunrise

For children who might not enjoy strong-tasting teas (or elders who aren’t able to drink caffeine), a cup of Safari Sunrise rooibos tea is guaranteed to leave them feeling refreshed and energised throughout their reunion meal! This vibrant brew is naturally theine-free ( caffeine-free )  featuring organic South African rooibos leaves blended with organic orange peel.

Enjoy hot or iced or elevated with a splash of brandy!

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