Tea for Men: How to Choose the Perfect Blend

Tea for Men: How to Choose the Perfect Blend

Call us biased but we are strong believers that “real men drink tea”. While tea has always had a more female connotation, we are confident that tea will do men the same justice, whether for some relaxing tea-time or for its health-beneficial properties.

With a wide range of tea blends available, there is definitely something for everybody. Read on to find our top delicious choices for men (psst…they all have ingredients that are vital for men’s wellness!)


Green Garnet

Simple yet delicious, Green Garnet is an organic tea from Korea’s Jeju Island with a hint of umami flavour. It is loaded with antioxidants, making it a natural ‘skincare’ for men as it helps protect the skin from UV radiation. Also great for better prostate health!


Serene Serai

This therapeutic pairing of lemongrass and ginger is a rejuvenating treat for the senses to calm and relieve stress. The ingredient infusion in Serene Serai is also nourishing to men’s health, including to boost libido and to help promote hair growth.


Safari Sunrise

This organic South African rooibos blended with organic orange peel is an excellent theine-free tea option for men. The aromatic infusion is mood-lifting and beneficial for improving blood pressure and circulation, plus it helps with male fertility too!


Happy Hibiscus

Boost your health with this tart infusion of antioxidant-rich hibiscus flowers and aromatic fennel seeds. Indulge with honey for extra boost of flavour. Happy Hibiscus is also a theine-free tea in a passionate red shade. Enjoy the hibiscus compounds that are helpful to fight against prostate cancer and bacterial infections.



Drinking tea is great for leisure, but it is also an effortless route to maintain balance of health and energy. Sip on your choice of tea to enjoy the healing properties of tea and go on with your day!


Head to ttr.com.my to view more tea blends! Celebrate the citeazen within.

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