6 Perfect Tea Blends to Serve This Chinese New Year

6 Perfect Tea Blends to Serve This Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is coming! The long-awaited festivity celebrated in the company of family and great food. While we can’t wait to devour all those sumptuous meals and addictive cookies, we do look forward to pairing them with some fine tea too!

Here are our top 6 choices of the perfect tea to serve (or to gift) this Chinese New Year, with choices of with or without theine! (Theine is the tea version of ‘caffeine’)


Blooming Tea for ‘Ong’ Prosperity

Serving blooming teas never fail to amaze guests, plus you get to share good prosperity vibes too! Blooming tea is special not only for its beauty, but also for its unique blend variations. Brew these blooming tea selections in a transparent glass teapot and share the excitement of watching a tea ball unfold and bloom into a beautiful piece of art.


Red Phoenix Blooming Tea

If you enjoy classic flavour combinations then you can’t go wrong with this elegant blooming tea. Place the Red Phoenix Blooming Tea ball into freshly boiled water and watch as the beautiful globe amaranth flower comes to life, revealing itself among green tea leaves, jasmine blossoms and refreshing notes of peppermint.





Double Good Fortune Blooming Tea

Captivating, sweet and soothing. Enjoy the classic beauty of this blooming tea while also benefiting from white tea’s high-antioxidant properties! Brew the Double Good Fortune Blooming Tea in hot water as three chrysanthemum flowers blossom from within tender spring-picked white tea leaves, complemented with the aroma of osmanthus flowers.


Pour an Auspicious Red Cup of Tea

Serve an auspiciously red cup of ‘ang’ tea this Chinese New Year! It is an amazing way to wish a bountiful year to your guests, and not forgetting the share of joy through these incredibly delicious teas:


Carefree Coconut

Choose this Carefree Coconut tisane blend for that perfect red shade. This delicious tea offers a refreshing taste of delightful coconut blend enriched with pineapple, balanced well with the tartness of rosehips and hibiscus petals.





Coral Sunset

Or try the Coral Sunset, a tisane blend that combines peach essence, apple, mango and papaya pieces, hibiscus and sunflower petals together for a refreshing and fruity, mood-lifting taste. Brewed to a delightful coral colour, this tea is also theine-free which makes it suitable for everyone including kids and non-tea drinkers!




Overate? Tea Blends to Ease Digestion

Chinese New Year just isn’t complete without feasting! Sipping on teas can help promote the movement of food through your digestive tract and give relief from the discomfort. Try these tea blends to ease your tummy after some over-indulgence:


Imperial Bliss

The perfect tea blend with calming infusion to soothe an upset tummy! Imperial Bliss is a blend of ginger and lemongrass together with Pu-erh tea from China’s Yunan Province. Ginger is amazing at helping with nausea, cramping, bloating, gas and indigestion, while lemongrass acts as a natural detox agent; an incredible combination that will help you feeling good again.



Inner Peace

If you prefer a theine-free version to aid digestion, Inner Peace is a tisane blend that does not contain tea leaves. This harmonious blend features chamomile, lavender and peppermint which work well together to help heal an upset stomach, relieve bloating and flatulence.



Tea Gift Sets to Impress

Want to send Chinese New Year gift sets to your loved ones? Send your greetings through these thoughtful tea box sets that are carefully-curated to fit the festivity! Whether you choose the loose leaf or convenient tea infuser options – these elegantly packed premium tea blends are definitely going to impress.



Tea Pyramid Gift Boxes

Inspired by the Chinese New Year, the PROSPERITEA gift box features 9 tea pyramids that consist of 4 different tea blends to suit the festive celebration.

Or if you think your recipient prefers the theine-free version, you can opt for the LONGEVITEA gift box instead.




Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set

For the serious tea-drinkers around you, this loose leaf tea gift set will be the ideal gift of love! Customisable with your choice of tea blend from 32 variations, this is the perfect way to treat loved ones to a bespoke selection of teas, selected by you.




Looking for more options? Check out The Tea Republic Chinese New Year tea collection here!


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