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The Summer Berry Trio: Loose Leaf Gift Set

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The Tea Republic and Sanrio’s Hello Kitty have embraced Kitty White’s British traditions, to create The Summer Berry Trio : an elegant limited edition collection of berrylicious teas for everyday indulgence. This exquisite gift set includes everything one needs for a delightful tea experience. It makes an ideal gift for any tea enthusiast or Hello Kitty fan.

Strawberry Cupcake, Blueberry Pie & Raspberry Pavlova are the stars of the collection; carefully curated with premium ingredients which offer a theine-free treat for all ages. Perfectly enjoyable hot or iced; morning, noon or night.




This fragrant fruit infusion features luscious, ripe strawberries from Eastern Europe


Antioxidant-rich rooibos is blended with blueberries and vanilla for a heartwarming infusion.


Juicy raspberries are combined with decadent German white chocolate for a delightful treat.

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This luxurious gift set contains :

  • 1 Strawberry Cupcake Loose Leaf Canister
  • 1 Blueberry Pie Loose Leaf Canister
  • 1 Raspberry Pavlova Loose Leaf Canister
  • 1 Gold Tea Scoop
  • 3 Tea Infuser packs

Get 75g of theine-free loose leaf tea in each reusable metal canister. Each canister yields approximately 25 to 30 cups of tea.


Brewing Guide:

Infuse for 5 minutes in freshly boiled water. 
Use Tea Infusers for convenient brewing.

HOT : Use 1 heaped tsp per 250ml.
ICED : Use 2 heaped tsp ( or 1 Gold Scoop ) per 250ml & pour over ice when cool.

COLD BREW: Use 2 heaped tsp ( or 1 Gold Scoop ) per 250ml & infuse in cold water while refrigerated for 4-8 hours. 

Remove tea leaves after the recommended infusion duration and enjoy your tea.

Theine Level:  High | Moderate | Low | None  >>  Naturally Theine-Free


Tisane [pronounced tee-sahn], commonly called herbal tea, is not a true tea. This is because it does not contain tea leaves, but rather a blend of various herbs, flowers, fruits or spice steeped in boiling water. Such teas have long been used for their healing and rejuvenating qualities. Theine-free, unless noted otherwise.



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3 reviews for The Summer Berry Trio: Loose Leaf Gift Set

  1. Miss Kitty

    Beautiful packaging .Gonna keep it for sure. I have only tried the blueberry one so far and its great… much nicer than plain roiboss tea.

  2. Molly

    The flavours are so fresh and good. Beautiful gift box and tea tins and amazing tea. The kids enjoy it too.

  3. Grace

    I ordered this set for my friend for her birthday. She is loving it. Easy shipping and convenient with gift wrap service.

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