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Hello Kitty Tea Infusers: Blueberry Pie

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Ingredients: South African rooibos, mallow blossoms, blueberry & vanilla essences.

Rich, Mellow, Rounded



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Enjoy 2 novelty tea infusers.

Each single serve loose leaf tea infuser is suitable for a 300ml brew.

BLUEBERRY PIE  tisane **Limited Edition Blend**

Antioxidant-rich rooibos is blended with blueberries and vanilla for a heartwarming infusion.


Brewing Guide:

Infuse for 5 minutes in freshly boiled water. Unlike tea, rooibos never grows bitter from brewing it for a longer duration.

HOT : Use 1 tea infuser per 250ml.

Remove the tea infuser after the recommended infusion duration and enjoy your tea.

Theine Level: High | Moderate | Low | None  >>  Naturally Theine-Free

TIP : Use Hello Kitty card as a cute bookmark after removing the used tea infuser.

Tisane [pronounced tee-sahn], commonly called herbal tea, is not a true tea. This is because it does not contain tea leaves, but rather a blend of various herbs, flowers, fruits or spice steeped in boiling water. Such teas have long been used for their healing and rejuvenating qualities. Theine-free, unless noted otherwise.

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2 reviews for Hello Kitty Tea Infusers: Blueberry Pie

  1. Sya

    Took me a while to fix it to my cup but sooo cute! Just ordered my 2nd round.

  2. Esha

    Love the idea of Hello Kitty packaging. Lovely tea. Smells amazing and tastes equally as good.

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