Greeting Card : You’re Beauteaful


Rediscover the beauty of heartfelt connections with our “You’re Beauteaful” greeting card. In a digital world buzzing with messages, when’s the last time you wrote a greeting card? Embrace the timeless charm of penning your thoughts on paper, allowing sincerity to flow from your heart to the fingertips.

Designed with simplicity and grace, this white card adorned with black typography whispers words of admiration to the soul. Paired with a radiant yellow envelope, it becomes a beacon of joy, promising to illuminate the recipient’s day with warmth and affection.

At The Tea Republic, we understand the power of personal touch. With every tea gift purchase, we offer the option to handwrite your heartfelt message into the greeting card, ensuring your sentiment reaches its destination with authenticity and care.

Reignite the joy of gifting and connection with The Tea Republic’s “You’re Beauteaful” greeting card. Because some sentiments are best expressed in ink.

“You’re Beauteaful”

-Blank Inside-

Envelope : Yellow

- +