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The Eid Luxury Gift Box

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The Eid Luxury Gift Box is a fine selection of 5 signature tea blends perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones.

This luxurious gift box contains 25 tea pyramids with LIMITED EDITION packaging featuring the following five tea blends:


Organic butterfly pea flowers offer a dramatic blue brew which is enlivened with spearmint leaves. Watch your tea change colour when you add drops of lime juice.


From the Puli township in the mountainous heart of Taiwan, this single estate tea is smoked over pine wood fires for its distinctive aroma and bold flavour.

ORIENTAL OPAL  oolong tea  

Se Chung oolong tea from China’s Fujian Province is enriched with fruity notes of fig and mango.


Pomegranate and cranberries combined with Chinese white tea, offer an antioxidant-rich infusion.

JEONCHA JADE   green tea

This organic second flush green tea from Korea’s Jeju Island offers a fresh and bright green brew.


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Each pyramid contains 1 silken infuser. Suitable for a 300ml brew.


This gift box makes a perfect corporate gift. A healthy gift choice which is a treat for the tastebuds.

It also makes an elegant hostess gift.

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Dimensions 31 × 31 × 5 cm

6 reviews for The Eid Luxury Gift Box

  1. My

    Elegant in the presentation of teas and love all the design details.

  2. Ng

    Good packaging. Fast delivery for my clients.

  3. shikin

    Attractive design!

  4. Inda

    This is the most impressive set of tea that I have had in years. The selections of tea that were available was the best I could have asked for. The flavors I have tried so far are rich, smooth, and full of flavor. I would recommend that anyone who loves rich teas should most definitely try this selection.

  5. Aina

    This is a wonderful assortment of black, green, white, oolong and herbal teas!

  6. Jonathan

    This tea set was an open hse gift from us. It was very well received and appreciated by our friends!

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