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Red Phoenix Blooming Tea

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If you enjoy classic flavour combinations then you can’t go wrong with this elegant blooming tea. Place a tea ball into freshly boiled water and watch as the beautiful globe amaranth flower comes to life, revealing itself among green tea, jasmine blossoms and refreshing notes of peppermint.
We recommend brewing this black tea in a glass teapot  to see the blossom  in all its glory. Suitable for a 600ml brew.

Each box contains 8 tea balls.

Ingredients : Chinese green tea, globe amaranth, jasmine flowers & peppermint essence.

Infusion time : 3 -5 minutes

Here’s a video on how these blooming teas are made, starting at 2.20:   WATCH THIS

1 review for Red Phoenix Blooming Tea

  1. Saif

    This tea is served in a glass teapot and it has jasmine with refreshing notes of peppermint. the thing that excite me most that I get to see how the beautiful #globe amaranth flower comes to life. I recommend everyone to try this tea which is #unique in it’s nature.

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