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The Office Pantry Essentials Kit : Coffee | Tea | Cookies

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Introducing The Office Pantry Essentials Kit – a luxurious collaboration between three prestigious Malaysian brands: Hisbrew Coffee, The Tea Republic, and The Skinny Bakers. Tailored for individuals like you who appreciate quality in every aspect of their lives.

This Kit contains:

  • Hisbrew Coffee’s Drip Coffee Filter Bags – 12 serves
  • The Tea Republic’s Tea Sachet Box Set – 30 sachets
  • The Skinny Bakers’  80g Cookie Bags – 2 bags


Scroll down for more information on the kit’s contents.


The Office Pantry Essentials Kit is a testament to your commitment to quality and well-being. Treat yourself to some of the finest coffee, tea and cookies, carefully curated for those who value excellence in every sip and bite. Transform your office pantry into a sanctuary of taste and luxury with this exclusive collaboration.

in stock

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