Limited Edition

The Mid Autumn Luxury Gift Box


The Mid Autumn Luxury Box is a perfect way to treat yourself, your loved ones or associates to a festive selection of teas. These tea blends are perfect for pairing with scrumptious mooncakes whilst admiring the full moon and festive colourful lanterns.


This luxurious gift box contains 25 tea pyramids featuring the following 5 tea blends:

FORMOSA’S FINEST  oolong tea

This exquisite Taiwanese oolong tea yields a soothing amber infusion.


Pomegranate and cranberries combined with Chinese white tea, offer an antioxidant-rich infusion.

OSMANTHUS OPULENCE  oolong tea **Limited Edition Festive Blend**

Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea from Anxi County in China’s Fujian Province is enlivened with the sweet floral scent of osmanthus flowers.


Organic butterfly pea flowers from Malaysia lend their natural blue pigmentation to this antioxidant-rich tea. Once brewed, enjoy the floral lavender aromatherapy and watch your tea change colour when you add in a few drops of juice from citrus fruits like lemon or lime.

JASMINE JEWEL  green tea **New 2023**

This fragrant Chinese green tea is infused with the delicate scent of jasmine flowers from the gardens of Fujian Province.




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