Putera: Tea Pyramid Gift Box



Discover the joy of a delightful tea journey with a tea collection fit for a prince. The PUTERA gift box features the following three tea blends:


South African rooibos & South American mate provide the base for this delicious infusion with chocolate & tiramisu notes.

JASMINE JEWEL  green tea **New 2023** 

This fragrant Chinese green tea is infused with the delicate scent of jasmine flowers from the gardens of Fujian Province.

SAPPHIRE GREY  black tea

Traditional Earl Grey black tea is married with cornflowers, delicately enhancing its bergamot notes.


Experience a different specialty of tea blended to perfection for every moment.

🌤️Start your day off with the classic, Sapphire Grey. An energising and uplifting brew to get you ready for what’s ahead.

☀️Take a break in the afternoon to relax with Jasmine Jewel. Its enchanting aroma will make it one of your favourite green teas!

🌜End your night on a sweet note with Tiramisu Topaz – an indulgent dessert blend without the calories that creates an unforgettable cup after dinner or just before bedtime!

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