Pisces: Tea Pyramid Gift Box


If you looked up the word “psychic” in the dictionary, there would definitely be a picture of Pisces next to it. Pisces is the most intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic sign of the entire zodiac — and that’s because it’s the last of the last. As the final sign, Pisces has absorbed every lesson — the joys and the pain, the hopes and the fears — learned by all of the other signs. It’s symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the constant division of Pisces’ attention between fantasy and reality.

#TTRBohemianBatik & #TTRGreenGarnet along with soothing Sea Greens is said to bring about healing & renewal and connect Pisceans with their subconscious.



This PISCES gift box features a curation of tea blends which complement the astrological sign’s traits :


Sencha green tea is combined with boysenberry & mango, creating an aromatic refreshing infusion.

GREEN GARNET  green tea

With Yabukita tea cultivar origins, this organic tea from Korea’s Jeju Island is mellow with a hint of umami.





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