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Tea Pyramid Gift Box : Book Edition



Explore the teas our Malaysian friends are enjoying in the It Is Time For Tea book along with 2 other fruity blends. Enjoy all 5 types of tea in this SPECIAL BOOK EDITION gift box which features the following nine tea blends:

SERENE SERAI  tisane  *kid-friendly

This therapeutic pairing of lemongrass and ginger is a rejuvenating treat for the senses.

LAVENDER BLUE  tisane  *kid-friendly

Organic butterfly pea flowers from Malaysia lend their natural blue pigmentation to this antioxidant-rich tea. Once brewed, enjoy the floral lavender aromatherapy and watch your tea change colour when you add in a few drops of juice from citrus fruits like lemon or lime.


Pomegranate and cranberries combined with Chinese white tea, offer an antioxidant-rich infusion.

ORIENTAL OPAL  oolong tea

Mao Xie oolong tea from China’s Fujian Province is enriched with fruity notes of white peach harvested from orchards in Putian.

CELESTIAL CITRINE  tisane  *kid-friendly

Whole chamomile blossoms from Croatia offer a calming infusion.

HAPPY HIBISCUS  tisane  *kid-friendly

Boost your health with this tart infusion of antioxidant-rich hibiscus flowers and aromatic fennel seeds. Enjoy with honey.

INNER PEACE  tisane  *kid-friendly

This harmonious theine-free blend features chamomile, lavender and peppermint.

GREEN GARNET  green tea

With Yabukita tea cultivar origins, this organic tea from Korea’s Jeju Island is mellow with a hint of umami.


From Sri Lanka’s Uva region, this Broken Orange Pekoe black tea yields a strong, flavourful copper blend.


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