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The Sentimental Dad Bundle Set

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Looking for a heartfelt gift for the sentimental dad who appreciates personalised touches?

Look no further than The Sentimental Dad Bundle Set!

This unique gift set allows you to create a custom tea blend, tailored specifically to your dad’s taste and preferences. The custom blend is packaged in a contemporary tea canister, with a label that can be customized with a special message or his name. To make brewing the tea a breeze, we’ve included a gold tea scoop and disposable tea infusers. To complete the set, you can choose a greeting card to perfectly express your sentiments.

Let your dad know just how much he means to you with this thoughtful and bespoke gift set. Show your love and appreciation for your sentimental dad this Father’s Day with The Sentimental Dad Bundle Set, a gift that will truly touch his heart.

This set includes GIFT WRAPPING.


Countdown to Father’s Day


Create a bespoke tea blend for him  :

How this works:

1. Choose your base tea leaves: Select from our range of premium loose leaf teas.

2. Add your desired flowers or herbs: We offer a variety of herbs and flowers to choose from, so you can create the perfect blend.

3. Customise your packaging: Add a personalised note or message & choose a label colour.

4. Place your order: Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll get to work on creating your custom tea blend and it will be ready for delivery in 1-2 working days.

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The Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set is a sophisticated way to treat your dad to a perfect tea brewing experience.

This luxurious gift set contains :

  • 1 loose leaf tea canister of your choice
  • 1 Gold Single Serve Tea Scoop
  • 1 Tea Infuser pack
  • 1 tea info card containing health benefits/facts/recipes according to your chosen tea blend
  • 1 luxe black & gold gift box


Get up to 75g of loose leaf tea in a reusable canister. Each canister yields approximately 25 to 30 cups of tea.

Base Tea Blends:

BLACK TEA : Ametrine Assam | Brilliant Black

Black tea is the most intensively processed type of tea involving oxidation. The leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant are allowed to fully oxidise, before they are dried, giving black tea its astringency and depth of flavour. The duration of oxidation determines the strength and darkness of the tea.

OOLONG TEA : Formosa’s Finest | Darjilong Dreams

Oolong tea is partially oxidised before getting dried, placing it halfway between the strength of black tea and the freshness of green tea. Taiwanese oolongs are darker and fruitier than their Chinese counterparts which are lighter and more vegetal.

GREEN TEA : Chinese Sencha | Jeoncha Jade

Green tea is mature tea that has been picked and then pan fired [or steamed] to stop the oxidation process.Because of the very limited oxidation, green tea produces subtle sweetness that offers a bouquet ranging from grassy to floral.

WHITE TEA : Moonstone Magic | Cranberry Crystal

White tea comes from the delicate buds and younger leaves of the Chinese Camellia Sinensis plant. These buds and leaves are allowed to wither in natural sunlight before they are lightly processed to prevent oxidation. This protects not only the delicate flavour of the white tea, but also retains high levels of the phytochemicals responsible for the teas health benefits.

TISANES : Celestial Citrine | African Amber

Tisane [pronounced tee-sahn], commonly called herbal tea, is not a true tea. This is because it does not contain tea leaves, but rather a blend of various herbs, flowers or spice steeped in boiling water. Such teas have long been used for their healing and rejuvenating qualities. Theine-free. ( Caffeine-free )


Add On Ingredients:

French Rosebuds | Origin : China

Lavender | Origin : China

Chamomile | Origin : Croatia

Lemongrass-Ginger | Origin : Thailand

Lemongrass-Pandan | Origin : Thailand

Spearmint | Origin : Egypt

Hibiscus | Origin : Nigeria

Butterfly Pea | Origin : Malaysia


Brewing Guide:

Infuse for 3 to 5 minutes in freshly boiled water. 
Use Tea Infusers for convenient brewing.

HOT : Use 1 heaped tsp per 250ml.
ICED : Use 2 heaped tsp ( or 1 Gold Scoop ) per 250ml & pour over ice when cool.

COLD BREW: Use 2 heaped tsp ( or 1 Gold Scoop ) per 250ml & infuse in cold water while refrigerated for 4-8 hours. 

Remove tea leaves after the recommended infusion duration and enjoy your tea.

Theine Level:  High | Moderate | Low | None  >>  50-60mg per cup

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 27 × 13 × 7.5 cm


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