Is it safe to drink expired tea?

Is it safe to drink expired tea?

Do you happen to have a shelf full of tea with various flavours and blends?  Do you drink them all often?

It may feel like you just bought the box yesterday, but have you checked the best before date?

Have you thrown away the box and placed your tea in a stylish tea tin with no recollection of the best before date?

Now these scenarios may be all too familiar for some of us.

So, how safe is it to drink tea that’s passed its best before date?
Does tea expire?

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Here is a checklist to determine if your tea is safe to drink :

Before going through the checklist, if you have had your tea for more than 2 years,  we highly recommend discarding it and purchasing a fresh batch.

1. Look out for any mold or deterioration

Does the tea smell good?  Has the tea been stored in an air-tight, cool, dry place away from direct sunlight? If you notice any mold or discolouration or even holes on the tea infusers / teabags / loose leaf tea it is best to discard it. You can empty the tea into your compost bin.

2. Identify the ingredients of the tea blend

If you still have your tea after the steps above, then which of these best describe your tea ?

Scenario 1: Pure tea leaves with no added flavouring, dried fruits, flowers, herbs or spices.

Scenario 2: Tea leaves with the addition of flavouring/dried fruits/flowers/herbs/spices.

Scenario 3: No tea leaves. A tisane / herbal / fruit infusion containing dried fruits/flowers/herbs/spices/flavouring.

3. Drink or Discard?

Scenario 1: This will be safe to drink but the resulting brew will not be as vibrant as it was when your first purchased the tea.

Scenario 2: This will be safe to drink but will most likely taste bland as the aromatic, flavoursome elements would have evaporated or faded away over time.

Scenario 3: This will be safe to drink but the benefits of the ingredients may have weakened over time and the taste will not be as vibrant as when you first purchased it.

Now you can make an informed decision on whether you wish to drink your tea or discard it.


We wish you many good quality cups of tea always.

Celebrate the citeazen within.


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