Environmentally Friendly Tea Infusers

Environmentally Friendly Tea Infusers

Silken Infusers filled with loose leaf tea

In 2013, when we produced our first Tea Pyramids, we used silken infusers filled with loose leaf tea.

What are infusers?

 Tea infusers at The Tea Republic are more spacious alternatives to a regular teabag. Our tea infusers give the loose leaf tea more room to brew.

In our efforts to be kinder to the environment, this year we are gradually switching over to biodegradable tea infusers. Recent publications made us aware of microplastics in the silken infusers that were being released into our tea as the silken infusers consisted of  100% man-made fibers. Knowing this, we had to find an alternative that was better for our health as well as the environment.

Biodegradable Infusers filled with loose leaf tea

Our biodegradable tea infusers are completely fit for human consumption and 100% non-toxic according to lab test reports. They are made with filter papers that are designed using a combination of high-quality Canadian wood-pulp fibers, and man-made fibers(10%) to achieve excellent infusions while guaranteeing high retention of fine tea particles. The man-made fibers are necessary to seal the infuser well and also to prevent the natural paper fibers from disintegrating into your tea upon contact with hot water.

Even though the biodegradable tea infusers are better than the silken infusers we used previously, the most environmentally friendly option would be to drink your loose leaf teas as is; brewed and then filtered with a tea strainer or sieve.

With our health as a top priority, for those of us seeking a convenient way to brew our favourite teas, without the hassle of straining before drinking,  the biodegradable tea infusers will be the only available option moving forward.

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