Embrace the Magic of Mid-Autumn Festival with Our Enchanting Tea Gifts!
mid-autumn festival

Embrace the Magic of Mid-Autumn Festival with Our Enchanting Tea Gifts!

As the Mid-Autumn Mooncake festival approaches, let The Tea Republic be your trusted companion in creating an unforgettable experience. Elevate your tea rituals, celebrate traditions, and indulge in the finest flavors with our enticing tea gift collection.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is a time when families gather to express gratitude and celebrate unity. Tea plays an integral role in these reunions, symbolizing harmony, respect, and rejuvenation. Discover the true gift of tea and embrace the magic that awaits.

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Discover Osmanthus Opulence

A Floral Symphony

LIMITED EDITION. Ti Kuan Yin oolong tea from Anxi County in China’s Fujian Province is enlivened with the sweet floral scent of osmanthus flowers. In the Chinese calendar, the eighth month unfolds with the graceful blossoming of the osmanthus flower. It is a time when the air is filled with a delightful blend of floral scents. Coinciding with this exquisite natural phenomenon is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time when the bountiful fall harvest concludes and the mesmerising moon takes center stage, radiating its brilliance upon the world. Osmanthus tea not only complements the indulgent feasts of the Mid-Autumn Festival but also offers a moment of respite, allowing one to savor the beauty of the moonlit night and reflect upon the year’s blessings.

The Moon Rabbit : Tea Gift Set

A Whimsical Delight

Discover The Moon Rabbit: Tea Gift Set—a limited edition treasure crafted for the Mid-Autumn Festival this year. This enchanting gift set features the mythological immortal creature: The Moon Rabbit | Yuè tù who resides on the moon, pounding away with its mortar and pestle to make the elixir of life.

Embrace the allure of this exquisite collection, designed to captivate your senses and celebrate cherished traditions. Limited in quantity, this exclusive offering is a testament to your refined taste and appreciation for life’s indulgences.

This elegant gift set contains:

  • 2 individually wrapped rabbit-shaped tea infusers filled with 2 green tea varieties:  Genmaicha Green + Jade Jasmine
  • 2 pastel pink ceramic tea cups & saucers
  • 1 luxe black & gold gift box

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Yes! Mooncakes Included

The Moon Rabbit : Mooncake + Tea Gift Set

This enchanting gift set brings together the best of both worlds: two charming rabbit-shaped tea infusers, each filled with the finest green tea, and two delectable rabbit-shaped mooncakes filled with a classic lotus paste. Prepare to be enchanted as flavors intertwine in a harmonious celebration of tradition and taste.

This is a limited edition pre-order set, so don’t miss out!

Capture the essence of the Mid-Autumn Festival with The Moon Rabbit: Mooncake & Tea Gift Set. Limited quantities available, so act swiftly to secure your indulgent experience. Order now and savor the magic of this timeless festival.

This elegant gift set contains:

  • 2 individually wrapped mooncakes
  • 5 individually wrapped tea infusers

We have 2 flavour combinations of tea and mooncakes to choose from.

Mid-Autumn Sophisteacation

Luxury Tea Pyramid Gift Box

Alright, tea enthusiasts, gather ’round! We’ve got something extra special to share—the crème de la crème of tea gift collections, the Mid Autumn Luxury Box! It’s the ultimate treat for yourself, your loved ones, or even your esteemed associates. Trust us; this one’s a true showstopper!

Picture this: the enchanting ambiance of the Mid-Autumn Festival, with colorful lanterns illuminating the night, and the full moon beaming with radiance. Now, add to that the joy of savoring scrumptious mooncakes and a selection of the finest teas you could ever dream of. Are you ready to elevate your celebrations to new heights? Let’s dive into what this luxurious gift box has in store for you:

Brace yourself for 25 tea pyramids, each a gateway to an extraordinary tea adventure. Whether you’re hosting a festive gathering, looking for the perfect gift, or simply seeking to treat yourself to something truly extraordinary, the Mid Autumn Luxury Box is your golden ticket to tea paradise.

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To celebrate this enchanting season, we offer an exclusive 15% discount on all orders containing our Mid-Autumn collection before 15th August 2023. Use code “MOON15” at checkout to claim your offer.

Elevate your Mid-Autumn festivities with our extraordinary tea gifts. Sip, savor, and create cherished moments with The Tea Republic’s premium tea selections. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate in style.

Shop now and embrace the magic of the Mid-Autumn Festival with The Tea Republic. 🍵

Note: Limited quantities available. Order now to secure your tea treasures!

Use Code: MOON15

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