Does Tea Expire?

Does Tea Expire?

Does tea expire?

Of late, we have been asked this question a few times. The short answer is : No.

Whether you purchase loose leaf tea or tea bags, the packaging is bound to come with a best before date. This date usually indicates how long the tea will maintain its ideal taste for. Once the best before date has passed, the tea is still safe to consume**, however you may notice the flavour may not be as strong as it was, compared to when it was first purchased. This is mainly because the natural oils and flavours in the tea will evaporate over time.

Generally it is best to store tea in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, in a cool, dry place. Storing tea leaves in the freezer does extend its freshness for longer. If you choose not to consume tea which has passed its best before date, you don’t have to discard it right away. The tea leaves can be used to absorb odours in storage areas, or even added to a compost bin in the garden to use as fertilizer. This would be a good way to be kind to the environment and minimise waste.

**Please note that this only applies to teas with the actual tea leaf in it ( the camelia sinensis leaf ). If your tea is made up of dried fruit pieces, flowers & herbs, then it is best to follow the recommended shelf life on the packaging. For these fruit infusions and herbal infusions, if you have stored it in your freezer since you purchased it, the shelf life may be extended another 6 months at most.

Long live tea! Celebrate the citeazen within.

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Comments (8)

  • Thanks for the info! Most useful. 🙂

  • I cant find the best before date on each pack and i already throw the box how can i know of it is still good to drink? I purchase it i think more than 2 years ago

    Jinky Rose Vinuya
    • If you kept the tea in a cool dark place away from light it should be ok. But the best way would be to taste it and see if it still tastes good. The flavour won’t be as vibrant as it originally was but it should be fine to consume.

      TTR Team
  • Is this why the Higgins & Burke brand doesn’t have a best before date at all?
    How is someone supposed to know how long the tea has been sitting on the shelf in the store?

    Cora Summerfield
    • Perhaps they have a date which the item was packaged? It is best to ask them directly. The Tea Republic teas are packed fresh upon order and are best consumed within one year from purchase for optimum freshness.

      TTR Team
  • Hi, Sabah Tea can be drink if the expiry date past for 1 year?

  • my tea have been expired on 30Apr2016. still can drink?

    • Hi Natalie,
      That would depend on how you stored the tea. The tea will be fine for consumption.
      For an enjoyable tea experience it would be better to buy a fresh batch.

      TTR Crew

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