Affiliate Partner Program

How do I become an affiliate partner?

  1. Purchase products you would like to promote on your social media platform. ( This is your initial investment which is fully redeemable* )


  1. You will be assigned affiliate codes to be used at checkout. The use of these codes at checkout will entitle you to a 30% commission to be redeemed monthly. A minimum monthly sales target of RM500 must be achieved to enable the 30% commission to be claimed. For a monthly sales total below RM500 you will be entitled to a 10% commission.



Sales Format A Sales Format B
  • All purchases are made by affiliate partner using your assigned code. Eg. “ANGELA30” Enter shipping address belonging to your customer.
  • Issue a discount code to your customer to make a purchase directly. Eg. “ANGELA10” for 10% off
  • The Tea Republic will ship items directly to your customer.
  • The Tea Republic will ship items directly to your customer.
  • Redeem your commission of 30%.
  • Redeem your commission of 20%, as 10% has been given to your customer.
  1. To redeem the initial purchase value of your products, a minimum sales target of RM1000 must be achieved within the calendar month.

I’m interested to be an Affiliate Partner :

Your name as per official ID document.
Which platform will you be promoting our products on?
Please give us your contact number, so we can reach you for any clarification.
Do you have any further comments or questions?

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