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Ingredients: Chinese gunpowder green tea, spearmint.

Green tea is mature tea that has been picked and then pan fired [or steamed] to stop the oxidation process. Because of the very limited oxidation, green tea produces subtle sweetness that offers a bouquet ranging from grassy to floral.  



Get 50g of Emerald Mint loose leaf tea in a reusable metal canister. Each canister yields approximately 15 to 20 cups of tea.

EMERALD MINT  green tea

Savour the refreshing flavour and aroma of spearmint in this Chinese gunpowder green tea blend.

Brewing Guide: Infuse for 2 to 3 minutes in hot water (80 °C ).

For Iced Tea: Use 2 heaped teaspoons of loose leaf / 2 silken infusers for every 250ml glass and double the infusion duration.  

Theine Level:  High | Moderate | Low | None  >>  30-50mg per cup

Weight 0.12 kg
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 6.4 cm

5 reviews for Loose Leaf Tea – Emerald Mint

  • this has fantastic soothing effects. Highly recommended.

  • Refreshing blends of mints and green tea gives a calming aroma which suits my taste buds so much. Hope to have it everyday

  • One of my favorites with a perfect flavor and minty freshness. Smooth and refreshing

  • This tea has a great minty smell, and when steeped it provides a subtle, fresh mint flavor. I enjoy it, and would recommend to anyone looking for a mint tea.

  • The scent of the mint is strong before brew, yet when tea is brewed, the mint is so refreshing and the texture is not that strong like the scent. Surprisingly, It compliments well with the bitterness of green tea.

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