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How a daily cup of tea could reduce your risk of dementia

As posted by : World Economic Forum Drinking tea reduces the risk of cognitive impairment by 50 percent—and as much as 86 percent for older adults who have a genetic risk of Alzheimer’s disease—a study of 957 Chinese seniors 55 and older shows. “While the study was conducted on Chinese elderly, the results could apply to other races as well. Our findings have important implications for dementia prevention. Despite high quality drug trials, effective pharmacological… Continue reading
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What did they say? – 2017

February 2017 New Sunday Times - The Tea Republic Oon Yeoh interviews the founder of The Tea Republic, Sumita J.Singam-Takács. Sumita J.Singam-Takacs has made a business out of her favourite beverage, tea, writes Oon Yeoh SHE’S the founder of The Tea Republic, both a physical cafe and an online store specialising in tea. Sumita J.Singam-Takacs did not plan to go into the food and beverage business to begin with. As a student, she was looking at a… Continue reading
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3 Ways To Use Used Tea Leaves

Once we've brewed our tea, most of us simply dispose of the used tea leaves. Here are 3 of our favourite ways to make use of those unwanted tea leaves in favor of reducing waste : Nourish your garden Adding the tea leaves to your compost pile will enrich the soil. For those of us who don't have a compost bin, fertilize your plants with the leaves. The tea leaves would suit plants that thrive… Continue reading
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Battle Bloated Tummies

Overindulging in delicious food is something we all do from time to time especially during festive seasons. Isn't it great that there are tips you can easily make use of to reduce the dreaded bloated tummy?  Here are 5 tips to battle a bloated stomach : Enjoy 1 cup of Inner Peace tea with the goodness of chamomile and peppermint to soothe the stomach before and during a heavy meal. Avoid carbonated drinks. Adding gas… Continue reading
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6 Rules for Tea Storage

This December, The Tea Republic marks 6 years of providing tea lovers with premium tea blends. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued customers and business associates for being a part of our journey so far and may your 2017 be a successful one, enriched with many good cups of tea !   1. Tea must be kept free from oxygen Tea leaves continue to oxidize over time with exposure to… Continue reading
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Why is my tea bitter?

For those of you who are disappointed by bitter cups of tea, this article might help prevent further encounters with bitterness. Though bitter is subjective depending on the sensitivity of our taste buds, there are some levels of bitterness we can all agree on. I happen to be very sensitive to bitter flavours and it’s a horrible experience tasting a bitter brew that isn’t meant to be that way.  The main cause of bitterness is… Continue reading
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What did they say? – 2015

December 2015 FOOD & TRAVEL - The Tea Republic Look out for The Tea Republic in the December edition of Food & Travel magazine. 5 November 2015 SAYS.COM - 10 Tea Houses For People Who Have Had Enough of Coffee highlights the Malaysian tea scene. Celebrate the citeazen within at The Tea Republic or check out these 9 other tea spots around Malaysia. 1 November 2015 HEALTH & BEAUTY - The Perfect Brew Look out… Continue reading
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Tea : Wedding Favors

We are really excited to be a part of HAPPILY EVER AFTER : A fun bridal showcase with quality, unique wedding artisans, happening on 19-25 Oct @ Publika KL. Come check out our bespoke tea wedding favors. Treat your friends and loved ones to a one of a kind exclusive favor customised to suit your style. * Early bird visitors receive a Bridal Fun Kit with RM3,000 worth of discounts! * Visit the showcase and… Continue reading
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Press Release : 6 New Tea Blends at The Tea Republic

22 September 2015 6 New Tea Blends at The Tea Republic Healthy and delicious options for tea lovers The Tea Republic, one of Malaysia’s pioneering tea brands, is proud to introduce six new teas to its existing range of carefully curated signature tea blends. “Our signature tea blends consist of high quality loose leaf teas which can be enjoyed by tea connoisseurs and first time tea drinkers alike,” says founder Sumita J.Singam. “The Tea Republic… Continue reading
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